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We generate residential solar leads and pre-set appointments for nationwide, regional, and local clients. We also generate similar types of leads in different industries using the same process. Our enhanced lead generation model goes beyond your typical web-form lead and allows us to generate a higher intent customer for our clients, which results in low cost per sale.


Exclusive and Unique Leads:

All leads sent to our clients are generated solely by FiveStrata’s campaigns. We DO NOT buy leads from third-parties and resell them to our clients. Each client can expect each lead from FiveStrata to be completely exclusive.

Call Verification:

In addition to generating a solar web-form lead, we call verify 100% of the leads prior to sending it to our clients. During the four to six-minute call, we verify interest, ensure the customer meets the required qualifications, collect any required information, and set the expectation for a client call back.

Live Transfers:

We have the ability to transfer interested and qualified customers straight to the appropriate team on our client's side, drastically increasing the potential of a sale.

Pre-set Appointments:

We can also take a verified lead and set a scheduled appointment for the sales teams of our clients. In addition to verifying the customer’s interest and minimum requirements, we ensure that the customer is fully qualified for the product or service being offered. This is a great option for clients that are struggling in contacting online leads and setting their own appointments.

Data Verification:

We have a real-time data verification process that uses internal and third-party services, which validate (or filter, if needed) the key attributes of a lead prior to sending to a client.

TCPA Compliant:

We ensure that all leads sent to our clients are TCPA compliant. In addition to regular internal audits, we use 3rd party industry leading compliance tools like TrustedForm an Journaya.

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Why FiveStrata

We provide valuable business solutions for advertisers looking to grow their business.

  • Quality Leads

    Our leads are better than the rest. Hitting you cost per acquisition is our top concern.

  • Technology/Analytics

    We are data driven company to ensure we make the best decisions.

  • Multi-Media Approach

    We use a wide array of online marketing tactics to ensure we are competitive.

  • Transparency

    We believe in full transparency to build the best partnerships

  • Strategic Partnerships

    We are not looking for quick wins. We want long-term strategic partnerships.

Enhanced Lead Generation

We provide valuable business solutions for advertisers looking to grow their business. Enhanced lead generation is the core of our business thereby increasing the number of customers for each and every client we work with. Online Lead Generation
The expert team at FiveStrata.com uses a diverse set of solutions to deliver quality leads.
FiveStrata focuses on the following:
Multiplier media channels and placements: Paid Search, Affiliates,
Display ads, Email Marketing just to name a few
Strategic media placements and partnerships
3rd part lead management and scrubbing services
Wide and deep reach within the lead generation ecosystem
High level campaign quality management

About Fivestrata

The online marketing team at FiveStrata.com comes with a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences from several different industries but all have one thing in common, proven success. The team is filled with experts in marketing, advertising, design, creative, development and engineering, sales, and business development.

FiveStrata.com was started primarily to help friends and family launch and assist in financing their small online businesses. They then soon realized that there were many other small businesses that needed similar help.

Their experience, relationships, innovative media campaigns, high volume, high quality, and impressive use of the key technologies and 3rd party services is what sets them apart. They are truly a full service marketing company that plays a vital role in the customer acquisition, sale, and retention of major clients. Their lead gen model has been assisting online businesses looking to grow for years.

Their mission is quite simple - if there is true value at the core of your product or service, the experts at FiveStrata will develop it into an enterprise that is successful and a true profit center.

With the tech savvy and innovative spirit that FiveStrata embodies.. and their ability to create new customers and generate more interest in your company... the sky is the limit!

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